Embracing the Future: Pedro's Full-Time Leap from Doist to Dex

Embracing the Future: Pedro's Full-Time Leap from Doist to Dex

Until this moment, Dex has been a labor of love that I've undertaken alone. To put it more personally, it's been the passion project of Pedro – that's me, Pedro 👋. However, today marks the end of that journey as we open the door to an exciting new chapter: I'm leaving my full-time job to dedicate myself entirely to Dex 🎉

😢 Goodbyes...

Since embarking on my journey as an iOS Engineer in 2017, it was only upon joining Doist — the company behind Todoist and Twist — that I truly discovered a company that feels like home.

It feels like just yesterday when I joined Doist 4+ years ago, right before the world was hit by that COVID-thingy-we-dont-talk-about-here-nor-elsewhere. These 4 years have been the most fulfilling and happiest of my professional career. I used to joke with my wife about how extraordinary it was to be part of a company where the present was so incredible that setting new goals seemed unnecessary.

Then, in February 2021, Dex took its first steps on Apple's App Store. With little marketing, Dex started modestly but grew steadily, all while remaining manageable as a side project.

Jump ahead to August 2023. Dex is now generating a decent amount of revenue, and requests are pouring in from all directions. I find myself struggling to keep up with support, let alone find time for marketing. I'm constantly torn between my responsibilities at Doist and Dex, and it's becoming quite overwhelming. I can no longer be a perfectionist in either place and I’m starting to feel afraid of burnout.

In October 2023, Dex faces a critical moment with a release that carries the risk of deleting user data. This is something completely unimaginable and could destroy the trust users have in Dex. It was a tipping point that forced me to set a deadline to make a decision about my future as I couldn’t continue living like that.

Upon returning from my trip to Japan in early March, Dex had experienced incredible growth, all thanks to the introduction of a single feature. This became the catalyst that convinced me it was time to bid farewell to the cherished company I have been a part of and embark on an entirely new challenge. I couldn't bear the thought of missing the opportunity to build a business out of my greatest passion and living with the regret of not taking this leap.

Doist stands out as the finest company I've had the honor to be part of, setting a gold standard with its genuine people-first philosophy. The support, teamwork, and fellowship we've shared have been extraordinary, leaving an indelible mark that I will cherish for a lifetime.


Yet, the moment has come to part ways...

... and Hellos 👋

So, what's the big news? You might be wondering why this is significant to you as a Dex user. Here it is: Dex, under the wing of my own company, Dexbit, is now my full-time commitment. This leap is thrilling but admittedly daunting — yet your support has brought us here and for that, I'm hopeful you'll continue to journey with us into the future!

As outlined in our "Roadmap for 2024", we've detailed a vision for Dex's evolution that is both bold and transformative. With my unwavering full-time commitment, we aim not only to meet these objectives but to exceed expectations, pushing the boundaries of what we thought possible and ensuring that Dex continues to innovate and lead in its field.

Let's not forget an exciting development: Dex has grown beyond a one-person operation! We're ecstatic to introduce our first employee, Rick van den Belt from the Netherlands. Rick steps in as our Content Manager, a pivotal role for Dex's growth. His expertise lies in meticulously adding new cards, curating sets, and identifying variants — ensuring that our database is not only extensive but also accurate and up-to-date. Rick's keen eye for detail and profound knowledge of the Pokémon universe have already made him an invaluable asset to our team. With Rick on board, we're more equipped than ever to manage the vast expanse of content that makes Dex the go-to resource for collectors around the globe. Here's to many more years of collaboration and success! Welcome to the team, Rick!

If you're still reading, thank you sincerely. Your engagement and backing have been the keystones of this adventure, and my dedication to maintaining Dex as the premier platform for your collection has never been stronger.

Lastly, I'm thrilled to share a personal milestone — I've qualified for the Pokémon TCG World Championships 2024 in Hawaii. Who knows, our paths might cross there!


Until the next time,

Pedro Carrasco