Gotta Collect 'Em All

Dex is an iOS and macOS app to help you keep track of your Pokémon card collection, find new cards, figure out how much your collection is worth, and much more!

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Every feature you need to organize your collection.

Built by a collector for collectors, Dex offers a huge set of features with a strong focus on providing an outstanding native user-experience on Apple devices.

Gotta Collect Em' All
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Gotta Collect Em' All

It’s not all about Series and Sets here. Dex offers an unique Pokédex experience where you’re challenged to collect at least one card from each Pokémon - along with a bunch of stats!

Gorgeous Card Details
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Gorgeous Card Details

Quantities, Bookmarks, Prices, and more… All presented in a beautiful and intuitive way!

Scan Em' All
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Scan Em' All

Swiftly catalog your Pokémon TCG collection using your camera. Say goodbye to manual entries and hello to efficient, streamlined collection management

Not convinced yet?

... we have more, a lot more!

All English & Japanese Sets

Wide support for not only English Series and Sets, but also Japanese - and it's just one button away!

Card Variants

Differentiate your cards by variant such as Reverse Holo, 1st Edition and Shadowless.

Multiple Markets

Card prices from TCGPlayer, Cardmarket, eBay, Clabo, Yuyutei and Fullcomp, with others coming in the future. Prices for Japanese cards are currently in Beta.

Stats Everywhere

Check your collection, sets, bookmarks and even filters stats such as estimated value, collection progress, most expensive cards, card distribution, and more.

Custom Folders

Create your own Folders and add any card to them! Here's a few ideas for folders: Wishlist, Favorites and Shinies.

Smart Folders

Similar to your Standard Folders, but with an intelligent twist! Simply define a set of rules and watch as the folder updates automatically, ensuring your folder folder remains organized and up to date at all times.


Enthusiasts do not only use Dex to manage their collections but also build, store and refine their playing decks.

Card Notes

Capture your thoughts, memories, and insights directly on your cards. Perfect for collectors and players alike, this feature lets you personalize each card with custom notes.

Handcrafted Badges

Earn badges by completing handcrafted challenges and enhance your collection along the way. Do you have what it takes to collect 'em all?

Refined Search

Search for any card by name or artist along with powerful filters that include card state, rarity, energy type, and more.

Outstanding Widgets

Personalize your home screen like never seen before with our Widgets. Your stats, most expensive and recently viewed card… all in your Home Screen!

iCloud Syncing

Sync your collection between other iOS or iPadOS devices using the same Apple ID with iCloud.

Charizard, Dracaufeu or リザードン?

Do you only know the Pokémon names in languages such as French or Japanese? Don't worry, Dex supports multiple languages and will actively translate Pokémon names to your language.

Colorful Themes

Your Dex, your color! Multiple Light & Dark themes with different tint colors.

Beautiful App Icons

Match your favourite theme with the corresponding app icon - or not, your choice!

Did we mention it's free?

It takes just a few seconds to download the app and start collecting 'em all today!

Everyone is changing how they track their collection with Dex.

Thousands of people have used Dex in the last few days. What are you waiting for?!

A Best-in-Class App for Free

All the main features for absolutely nothing! - but we also have a few paid extras for those who wish to support our 1-man team.


Dex logoFree


All the main features for absolutely nothing and without a single ad.

  • All Japanese and English Sets
  • Unlimited Cards Owned & Bookmarked
  • 2 Marketplaces: TCGPlayer & Yuyutei
  • 3 Bookmark Folders

Dex logoDex+


Unlock the full potential of Dex and support its development.

  • All Japanese and English Sets
  • Unlimited Cards Owned & Bookmarked
  • All Marketplaces: TCGPlayer, Cardmarket, eBay, Clabo, Yuyutei and Fullcomp
  • Unlimited Bookmark Folders
  • Camera Scanner
  • Card Notes
  • Handcrafted Challenges & Badges
  • Favorite Sets and Pokémon
  • Widgets and Lock Screen Widgets
  • Multiple Themes
  • Multiple App Icons
  • Push Notifications

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

  • Is Dex available on Mac?

    Yes, but only available on Apple Silicon Macs.

  • When will you release 'Example' Set?

    We release every set on its official release date or a day after - never before.