Exploring the Search Functionality

Exploring the Search Functionality

Dex, an intuitive iOS application designed specifically for Pokémon Trading Card Game enthusiasts, boasts a robust search feature that aims to streamline the user's experience and expedite the process of finding specific cards within the extensive Pokémon universe.


Dex has two kinds of search contexts: local and global.

By searching locally, you'll be searching based on a given context. For example, if open an expansion and you search there, we'll only show you results based on the cards for that expansion. Another example would be searching in the Dex Tab, this tab only showns Pokémon and as such you can only search for Pokémons.

Local Context Example

On the other hand, if you search globally, we'll present results based on our entire database. In order to access Global Search, you must navigate to the "Search tab" - this includes Trainers & Energy cards.

Global Context Example

Search by...

Dex allows you search by:

  • Name
  • Artist
  • ID

These three options aren't available in all screens but you can quickly check which options you have available and change the currently selected one by tapping the search icon.

Search by Options Example

For example, if you'd wish to search for cards by the artist "Kouki Saitou", you need to select "Artist" and then type "Kouki Saitou"

Search by Artist Example


Dex doesn't stop at just names, artist or id. The search functionality also includes various filters that allow you to narrow down your search based on specific criteria. For example, you can filter by card type (Trainer, Energy, or Pokémon), rarity, state and much more. This powerful feature allows users to find the exact card they're looking for quickly, without having to scroll through hundreds of cards.

Filters Example


In conclusion, Dex's search capabilities significantly enhance the user experience, making it a breeze to navigate through the vast Pokémon TCG universe. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, Dex's user-friendly design and efficient search system make it the ultimate companion for all your Pokémon TCG needs.